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About the Club

The KSŠŠD is a subsidized association of Slovene students from Carinthia in Vienna. Every year at the general assembly, we vote for our new board which is then responsible for the organization of cultural, political and social events.

The members of the current board are:

Jana Trap (chairman)

Jakob Stadler (vice chairwoman)

Benjamin Butej (secretary)

Kati Schellander (secretary)

Gregor Novak (finances)

Julija Urban (librarian)

Flo Jordan (librarian)


Gregor Trap
Dominik Metschina
Damian Leben
Thomas Mayrhauser
Niko Jelen
Simon Srienc
Bernhard Jordan


The Slovene Students’ Club in Vienna (KSŠŠD) is committed to cultural and sociopolitical issues. We organize readings, concerts, discussions, film-evenings and are actively involved in the solidarity and anti-war-movement.

It is furthermore our aim to strengthen the cooperation with Slovene students- and youth organizations in Austria. We try to cooperate with organizations and people who promote the fulfilling of the rights of the Carinthian Slovenes that are guaranteed in article 7 of the Austrian State Treaty.

The History of the Club

The Slovene Students’ Club in Vienna was founded in 1923 by a few Carinthian Slovene students in order to give the Slovene students in Vienna the opportunity to meet – they had a theatre group, a choir and a Sunday school.

In 1941, the Nazi-regime forbid all Slovenian organizations and the Students’ Club was closed. 16 members of the Club died during the Second World War.

When the war was over, the Club was founded again (in 1946). The members didn’t have their own club rooms, so they had to gather in cafés, which, of course, restricted the work of the Club.

In the 1960s, the number of members began to grow and their work started to develop in different directions. During the students’ protests in the second half of the 1960s, the members of the Club started to gain awareness of other political problems in the world. They became an active part of the solidarity and peace movement.

In 1970, some of the club members founded the political magazine “kladivo” and took action in Carinthia, where they sprayed the Slovenian place names on the German place name signs.

Only in 1971, the KSŠŠD finally got its own premises in the Mondscheingasse in the 7th district in Vienna, where it is still located.

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